Port Jefferson Pilates

A unique and intimate studio in the heart of Port Jeff providing expert private instruction on Pilates apparatus with a focus on internal alignment to build strength and balance.

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The Studio

Port Jefferson Pilates offers a refreshing, fun and non-competitive atmosphere in a tranquil space, located on Long Island's north shore in historic Port Jefferson Village. You may meet other teachers and students working together in the studio during your visit as you would have at Joseph Pilates own studio on 8th Ave in New York City.


Fully equipped with Classical Pilates System apparatus (that’s kept spotless) including reformers, trapeze table (Cadillac), ladder barrel, wonda chair and spine corrector from the classic equipment manufacturer Gratz and Basil.


Tranquil upstairs space with plentiful natural light and studio mirrors, always clean, well-organized and friendly.


  • I know this sounds crazy, but after just two lessons, I feel like this is changing my life.

  • I love Pilates because I feel like I am really learning something. It is more than just exercising.

  • My back has been wonderful since taking Pilates at Port Jefferson Pilates.

  • It strengthens my core & balance, keys to staying fit in my 80’s!

    S. L.

Training Options & Pricing

Port Jefferson Pilates specializes in individually-tailored private instruction. It's the best way to learn Pilates and improve quickly, whether you're getting back to health or honing your marathon skills. We also offer a range of other options for students...


When you walk into our beautiful studio, you will immediately feel comfortable and cared for. Whether you’ve practiced pilates before or not, your first workout at Port Jefferson Pilates includes a personal postural evaluation and health history review. We take the time to get to know you and your body, your desires and your needs. Our goal is nothing less than transforming your body, relieving your pains, lengthening and strengthening all of your muscles. We take personal care of each and every client at Port Jefferson Pilates. Your success is our success.

After you complete the postural evaluation, our expert instructors will take you through a workout that fits your specific needs on that day. You will leave already feeling more lifted and energized. You will be sent home with simple homework to do that will complement the work you did in class and help you to improve rapidly.

With each session you will “grow younger.” Your friends and family will be soon telling you that you look different. Your whole life will be influenced by your Pilates training. You will find yourself thinking about how to move, walk, breathe and carry yourself as you go through the day. Your whole attitude about your life will become more positive.

Full sessions are 55 minutes, half sessions are 25 minutes. All packages have a 6 month expiration. We uphold a 24 hour cancelation policy at all times.

Please email or call or text 917-841-4401 to schedule an appointment.

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A great way to get going with us! New clients can choose either a three session or five session package. Both packages come with a free gift.

Five private sessions for only $400 ($150 savings) or three private sessions for $250 ($80 savings). One per person please.

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Private Instruction

Individually tailored. All levels.

Single: $110
Five Pack: $525
Ten Pack: $1000

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Duet Sessions

Advanced. Must book with partner.

Single Duet: $130
Five Pack: 

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Private. Quick workout on the apparatus for those in a hurry.

Single: $65

Five Pack: $310

Ten Pack: $600

In-Home Visits, Online Training

Train at home on your own equipment. Do you live too far away to come to the studio or prefer to work in your own home? We offer online training through Zoom video meeting software.

Please contact us for pricing.


Studio Policy

  • Socks must be worn when working out.
  • No zippers on clothing, especially on the fanny and lower back.
  • All sessions are secured and paid for in advance.
  • All sessions are 50-55 minutes.
  • All packages have a 6-month expiration date.
  • New students must sign liability release with Port Jefferson Pilates.
  • In order to maintain our professional atmosphere and support our excellent instructors,we have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy.  If for any reason a session is canceled within 24 hours, clients will be charged for the session. Absolutely no exceptions. This is a small price to pay to keep the studio running and our instructors eating.
Through the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning this unique trinity of a balanced body, mind and spirit can ever be attained. Self confidence follows.
Joseph Pilates


Vivian Piccone Jung

Vivian Piccone Jung

Owner/Instructor View Details
Chrissy Picarello

Chrissy Picarello

Instructor View Details
Vivian Piccone Jung

Vivian Piccone Jung


Vivian Piccone Jung is a classically trained, third generation Pilates Method Practitioner [Joseph Pilates -> Romana Krysanowska -> Sari Mejia Santo (Romana’s Pilates) -> Vivian]. She is a graduate of the legendary Romana’s Pilates training program at True Pilates New York and also has a certificate from the PhysicalMind Institute. Vivian is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Teacher.

Throughout the years, Vivian found that the Classical style of Pilates is the most effective in transforming the body into fitness and health. Because it is important to attain the best knowledge closest to the source, Vivian studies from master teachers who have dedicated their lives to continuing the legacy of the true Pilates Method. Vivian continues to train and study with Sari Mejia Santo, Cynthia Shipley, Cynthia Lochard, Yuka Tomita, Jamie Trout and Jerome Weinberg, among others. She studies anatomy and Kinesiology with Kate Cianella and Irene Dowd.

Vivian has a diverse background that includes art, media production, writing, dance, martial arts, aerial arts and being a mom. Her goal is to promote a vibrant, creative and supportive atmosphere for clients and teachers. She believes that this method is not only effective but most of all fun! She sees her clients blossom into happier, more successful individuals as they increase their physical abilities. Vivian is honored to be able to help people of all levels of health and fitness, all ages and all occupations achieve balance, strength, flexibility, better posture, increased energy, better performance and overall well being with the Pilates Method.

Chrissy Picarello

Chrissy Picarello


Chrissy is a classically trained, third generation Pilates Method Practitioner [Joseph Pilates -> Romana Krysanowska -> Sari Mejia Santo (Romana’s Pilates) -> Chrissy]. from the world renowned Romana’s Pilates teacher training program. She has been practicing Pilates for over 15 years.

Chrissy was born and raised on Long Island. She has a BBA in business management from Hofstra University. She worked at her parents business for over a decade until she left to become a full time Pilates teacher. Her excellent communication skills are apparent in her teaching and her sense of humor makes everyone feel comfortable.

Chrissy fell in love with Pilates, as so many people do, when she took a class in the gym. She was amazed at how it made her feel after only a few classes. On her vacation in Rome Italy, she even took time from her sight seeing to take a class from Sabina Formichella at True Pilates Italy. She wanted to see how Pilates felt in Italy! It was amazing. She became a dedicated student of Pilates for many years and finally decided to follow her heart and her dream to become a teacher.

Chrissy strives to be the best teacher she can so that she can help her clients keep advancing in their practice the way that Joseph Pilates did. She is so proud of her training and she continues to deepen her pilates understanding at True Pilates NY and Lifespan Pilates NY.

Chrissy’s goal is to teach classical Pilates to help all her clients feel great even if they have injuries or other issues. She believes that no matter what your age or body type, Pilates can make it possible to reach your fitness goals.

Chrissy also teaches in Southampton, L.I. at Symmetry Studio. For more information about Chrissy visit her website,


The Pilates Method

Pilates Method is a therapeutic exercise system that combines strength, stretch and control – with the most important element being control. It is a non-impact system of exercises and movements created by Joseph H. Pilates, a visionary in the field of exercise science. Pilates Method can be used to correct posture, increase concentration, help with balance, build internal and external strength, and so much more. Pilates Method is a safe and effective system that can be used by young and old, fit and out-of-shape, athletes or sedentary people. Pilates is most of all FUN! People who practice Pilates feel energized and competent, they are able to fill their lives with more joy because their bodies are healthy and their minds are free.

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Port Jefferson Pilates is True Pilates

Port Jefferson Pilates teaching techniques and methods trace directly back to Joseph Pilates via his own proteges, under whom our instructors trained. Like our associates at True Pilates New York, Port Jefferson Pilates ensures clients experience classic Pilates in the pure, restorative form its creator intended.

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Getting Here

We're located in Port Jefferson Village just steps from Bridgeport-Port Jefferson Ferry, across East Broadway behind the lighthouse in the Ecolin Jewelers building.


14 East Broadway, Suite No. 1
Port Jefferson, NY 11777
Map Below


We have our own, free parking lot on the west side and back of the building. Enter the lot off Broadway, across from the Port Jefferson ferry and Danfords Inn. Only clients from the building are allowed to park in this lot. Enter the building on the west side and come upstairs.


Take the Port Jefferson Ferry to Port Jeff and walk or drive across Broadway to the back of Ecolin Jewelers. Enter the studio through the door from the west side parking lot and come upstairs.


Busses S60, S61, S69 and S76 all service Port Jefferson Village and stop within a quick walk from the studio. SCT Bus Map


Take the LIRR Port Jefferson line to Port Jefferson. Take a taxi or bus 60, 61 or 76 down to Port.



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We love to answer your questions about Pilates or your wellness goals. Contact us with your queries or stop by our lovely studio.


Please call anytime and we will promptly call you back if we do not answer. Texting is also available on our mobile number.

917-841-4401 Office (call or text)

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