IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BECOME A PILATES TEACHER or are already teaching and feel like you need to learn more, training with us at Port Jefferson Pilates will give you the skills to work anywhere in the world as a confident professional. We partner with Romana’s Pilates and Inelia Garcia Authentic Pilates, arguably the two best training programs in the world, to offer the true work of Joseph Pilates to our apprentices.

Becoming a fully certified teacher involves a lot of time, some travel, a significant financial investment and perseverance. The full program takes about one year, (depending on your experience it could take longer), but when you are finished you will be an excellent instructor, capable of working in any environment with understanding of what different bodies need and how to treat weaknesses and injuries.

Our training program involves traveling to the main training centers periodically for seminars and lessons, and doing practice hours at our studio in Port Jefferson.

If you are interested in become an elite Pilates instructor, please contact us.